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How To: . . Re-Size

  1. HOW TO:  Re-size an image for projected image competitions (PDI’s) using Microsoft PAINT programme. 

You may not realise it, but you will have the PAINT application somewhere on your computer if you are using Windows (any version)

  1. Open PAINT  or PAINT 3D in Windows 10
  2. Click on New and Browse Files and import your image
  3. Click on CANVAS icon at top of the screen
  4. Click on the RESIZE or CROP button. (Windows 10 then click on Crop icon top right)
  5. A panel will appear offering Resize options
  6. In the WIDTH or HEIGHT box (only select one) enter 1600px WIDE  or  1200px HIGH. Resizing to either height or width will automatically calculate the other dimension for you.  Enter the required pixel size and press Enter.
  7. Ensure the LOCK ASPECT RATIO is checked or ticked.
  8. Then, click top left (blue book with drop-down arrow) OR MENU in Windows 10,
  9. and click file OR click IMAGE in Windows 10, and save as jpeg.
  10. Rename the file, i.e. Sunny day by Fred Bloggs. Once saved in an appropriate place email to

The above guidelines are for resizing to DCC PDI requirements. Other manipulation concerning re-sizing should be attempted in Photoshop or a similar editing suite.

2. HOW TO: Re-size an image using MAC programme (this will open in a new window).